Peek into our kitchen

Local ingredients

The journey begins with our delicate honey dough that is handmadefrom scratch in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients.

100% Handmade

We hand roll every single layer by rolling pin...

Honeycake layers

...and then carefully cut into the required shape


Each of the layers are baked individually…

Creamy caramel

...while we are preparing our own deliciousin house - made caramel cream.


Layers are carefully assembled one by one with ourdelicious caramel cream, generously spread betweeneach layer.

Decorated with walnuts

Freshly crushed walnuts layer complete the unique flavour profile.

Lightly Dusted

The golden look of THE HONEYCAKE is created bygentle dusting with light honey biscuit crumbs.

Taste the uniqueness

The Honeycake is officially becoming irresistible!