[pronounced [ˈaɦoy]"Hello" in Czech]

We are Simona and George, the founders of THE HONEYCAKE.

Our story began in 2012 while travelling around Australia and we fell in love with the coastal sunsets and sunny days spent on the beach.

Being far away from our home country, the Czech Republic, we loved to share a little slice of home by cooking our favourite traditional dishes for our friends. 

One of those dishes was the Honeycake, made from a recipe that was handed down through generations to reach us.

The first time we baked the Honeycake for our friends here in Australia was for a birthday party.

It was eaten in no time! 

We started fine-tuning our family recipe and after countless hours of hand-rolling, 

the Honeycake we all know and love today was born.

Since launching the Honeycake, we've had two amazing kids, and we've come realise even more how the simple moments in life,

like sharing a plate with family and friends, can bring so much joy and create priceless memories.

We hope the Honeycake can deliver exactly that for you!

"It seems like yesterday that we rolled each layer by layer in our tiny home kitchen during all hours of the day and night, only to sell out in what felt like minutes at the first local farmers’ market..."



We believe in local well-made food created by hand!

Each Honeycake is made using a delicate and purposeful process of old school hand rolling and layering techniques,

combining natural ingredients, like raw Western Australian's South West raw honey,

to create a unique rich flavour!

We are proud that our cakes are made in small batches in Fremantle, Western Australia, 

and are free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Since the success of The Honeycake Original, we've brought new flavours to life using the same layering method, 

like Pandan-coconut, Honeymisu & Cheesecake...

Dobrou chut!

[pronounced [ˈdow bro khoot] "Bon Apetite" in Czech]