Est. 2012, Fremantle

In 2012, after countless hours of hand rolling and fine tuning the recipe, 

 The Honeycake people now know and love, was born. 

 The Honeycake has put an Australian touch on the authentic centuries old Bohemian, Czech recipe, 

uniting the two cultures with the exceptional ingredients Western Australia has to offer.

Each cake is hand-rolled in small batch and carefully assembled layer by layer, creating an unique flavour and smooth texture.

We source real, fresh ingredients from small local growers and producers where possible. 

 Our cold pressed honey is from the Margaret River region and we use only free-range eggs.

Since the success of The Honeycake Original, we have brought new flavours to life using the same layering method, like Cacao or Pandan Coconut. 

Each new flavour is fashioned over many months of trials to bring a unique indulging experience!

Are you still wondering what is all the fuss over The Honeycake about? 

Simply order online for a Perth delivery, Australia-wide shipping or pick up your next dessert

at one of our stores, State Building boutique store or at Fremantle Markets shop.

Dobrou Chut,

[pronounced [ˈdow bro khoot], "Bon Apetite" in Czech]

Simona, George and The Honeycake Team