Honeycake Donut Dumpling


When THE HONEYCAKE Original meets it´s donut before frying. 

Introducing THE HONEYCAKE Donut Dumpling. Created in collaboration with local legends from TOP DUP DONUT. 

A piece of THE HONEYCAKE is wrapped in TOP DUP DONUT signature brioche donut dough, that is also injected with our caramel creme, fried & all coated in the infamous honey glaze & sprinkled with walnuts! 

If you want this collab back join our ORIGINAL HONEYCAKE DUMPLING WISH LIST. Once it reaches 50 members we will make a batch for you. 

You will receive a notification email with an exclusive option to pre-order before everyone else to make sure you won't miss out on it. 

Follow @thehoneycake and @topdupdonut for more delicious collaborations. 


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