PBJ Honeycake Donut Dumpling


Peanut Butter HONEYCAKE with raspberry jam, deep fried inside of a donut. How cool is that! 

Introducing THE PBJ HONEYCAKE Donut Dumpling, created in collaboration with local legends from TOP DUP DONUT and NUTTABUTTA

A piece of THE Peanut Butter HONEYCAKE is wrapped in TOP DUP DONUT signature brioche donut dough, that is also injected with raspberry jam, then fried, glazed and sprinkled with chopped peanuts! 

Available only on Friday 25th October at all our shops in limited amounts. 

If you want this collab back join our ORIGINAL HONEYCAKE DUMPLING WISH LIST. Once it reaches 50 members we will make a batch for you. 

You will receive a notification email with an exclusive option to pre-order before everyone else to make sure you won't miss out on it. 

Follow @thehoneycake and @topdupdonut for more delicious collaborations. 


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