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Honeycake Cheesecake


Another level of deliciousness.

THE HONEYCAKE layers and fresh walnuts combined with smooth vanilla-lemon cream, topped with crushed HONEYCAKE layers. 

Please allow a minimum 3 business days lead time for orders.

For any “short-noticed” orders please call 0432 175 884.

14 - 18 servings, 24 cm in diameter, 1900g

Storage and Shelf Life

The cheesecake will last for up to 5 days.

Please store our cheesecake in a fridge, away from strongly scented ingredients. Does not contain any gelatine so avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Ingredients & Allergens 

Contains: cheese, fresh cream, sugar, milk, wheat, butter, honey, eggs, vanilla essence, lemon. Please make sure you are familiar with all the ingredients and allergens before consuming.

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