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Premium Gift Box Original, 10 servings

A unique combination of alternating light honey flavoured layers with smooth creamy caramel, topped with freshly ground walnuts and crumbed layers. 


Design to impress. Design to survive every travel. Perfect gift.


Servings  Weight  Dimensions
Premium gift box 10 600g 8 cm x 30 cm  5 cm


We ship express this box on every Wednesday!

The shipping usually takes 2 - 3  business days until the parcel arrives. 

Please, be advised that due to ongoing bush fire activity, delivery to some locations might be delayed.

Free Express Shipping when you order 3 Premium Gift Boxes.

Express Shipping Rates
1 x Premium Gift Box $10
2 x Premium Gift Boxes $15
3 x Premium Gift Boxes FREE 


Storage and Shelf Life 

The Original Honeycake will keep its best appearance and flavour
for a minimum of 10 days. You can store it in a room temperature
or in a fridge, away from strongly scented ingredients.

For the longest freshness we recommend refrigerating, preferably in an air-tight container. Avoid direct sunlight and/or very high temperatures to prevent melting.

Ingredients & Allergens 

Contains: tree nuts (walnuts), sugar, milk, wheat, butter, honey, eggs and trace amount of liquor (alcohol) and peanuts may be present.

All cakes are made on a premises that handles walnuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, coconut, therefore contact with these ingredients may occur. 

Please make sure you are familiar with all the ingredients and allergens before consuming. 

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