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Market boxes GLUTEN FREE, 5-8 servings


Gluten free version of our HONEYCAKE Original.

A unique combination of alternating light honey flavoured layers with smooth creamy caramel, topped with freshly ground walnuts and crumbed layers. 

The Gluten free HONEYCAKE is available as a Christmas special only for a pick up between Friday 20th December and Tuesday 24th December.

Pre-orders are closing on Sunday 8th December. Place your order now, to not miss out!

  Servings Price  Weight  Dimensions 
Small Box 5 $25 300g  8 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm 
Big Box 8 $33 450g 12 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm


Ingredients & Allergens 

Contains: tree nuts (walnuts), sugar, milk, brown rice, white rice, sweet rice, tapioca, quinoa, butter, honey, eggs, trace amount of liquor and traces of peanuts may be present.

All cakes are made on premises that handle walnuts, wheat (gluten), eggs, dairy, coconut, therefore contact with these ingredients may occur. 


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