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Halal Honeycake for shipping

A unique combination of alternating light honey flavoured layers with smooth creamy caramel, topped with freshly ground walnuts and crumbed layers. 


Design to impress. Design to survive every travel. Perfect gift.

* Please note all customised cakes, including halal, are only possible to be ordered by whole cakes. Halal orders require adjustment in production procedures, therefore $10 fee per cake applies. This fee is already reflected in prices bellow.


The Express Shipping for 3 Halal Premium Gift Boxes is Free. 

Servings  Weight  Price Dimensions
Whole slab packed into 3 Premium Gift Boxes 30 1800g $175 8 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm per box


Please allow  minimum 3 business days lead time before the date of shipping for all Halal orders.

We can ship express a pack of 3 Halal Premium Gift Boxes on every Wednesday!

The shipping usually takes 2 - 3  business days until the parcel arrives. During the Christmas week, it might take a little bit longer for parcel to arrive. 

Please, be advised that last shipping in 2019 is on Wednesday 18th December. Shipping on Wednesday 25th December 2019 and Wednesday 1st January 2020 is not available.

For any “short-noticed” orders please call 0432 175 884. 


Ingredients & Allergens 

Contains: tree nuts (walnuts), sugar, milk, wheat, butter, honey, eggs and trace of peanuts may be present.

All cakes are made on a premises that handles walnuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, coconut, therefore contact with these ingredients may occur.


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